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Conditions of Use


The customer confirms that he accepts Trading conditions for the supply of goods declared by the seller. Relations between the buyer and the seller is subject to these terms and conditions, which are also binding on both parties.


We offer you the opportunity to purchase directly from your home where you can buy non-stop. You can easily and conveniently using a shopping cart, phone, email or in writing to our address.

The contract is only the goods specified in the purchase contract - order. Dimensions, weight, capacity, and other information provided on our website, catalogs, brochures and other printed information is voluntary and based on data from manufacturers. In case of discrepancies, of course, you will be contacted.

We are committed to our customers we will only deliver goods in perfect condition and in accordance with the specifications or features usual for the type of goods conforming to set standards, rules and regulations applicable in the Czech Republic and also equipped Czech proper manuals, warranty certificates and lists of post-warranty service centers, where for a given commodity usual.

The condition for the fulfillment of our electronic order is completion of all required data specified in the order form. The order is also a sales contract, when the purchase agreement is valid from the supply of goods. The contract of sale shall be subject to formal confirmation by the seller. In particular, especially more difficult cases, the seller reserves the right to the formation of the contract confirmation personally or by telephone and pay a financial deposit by the buyer.

In the event that during the time when the goods were ordered, there was a significant change in foreign currency or a change in price or product range supplied by the supplier, our company has the right order, in agreement with the buyer or modify it from unilaterally with immediate effect. The same privilege to reserve even if the manufacturer ceases to deliver the ordered product or to market a new version of the product or significantly changes the product price.


The order is taken within 24 hours, we will send you an order confirmation e-mail, by sending you also informed by e-mail. In case of doubt, we will contact you.


Every order you can cancel within 24 hours by telephone or e-mail, without giving any reason. Just give your name, e-mail description of ordered goods or services.

5) packing and postage

Ordered goods will be sent as mail delivery. If you are on our wrecker route of delivery will be informed by phone or email. When ordering by mail, and over 10.000, - CZK pay postage. You can select a different mode of transportation and individual orders according to specifications. The price of postage may vary depending on weight of goods ordered.


Delivery time is from 3-21 days, unless otherwise indicated. In the event that certain goods are not in stock, we will contact you immediately.

7) the exchange of goods

If necessary, your unused and undamaged goods to barter for other species. Just send goods by registered package (no COD) to our address. Costs associated with changing the bears in full by the buyer.


Any complaints we will process an individual agreement with you in accordance with applicable law. The buyer is obliged to goods at the delivery time to detect any defect or damage. Any defects, the buyer must immediately inform our company. For damage caused by carrier not liable.

All goods are covered by warranty for 24 months, unless otherwise indicated. The warranty covers only manufacturing defects.

The guarantee does not apply to:

a) defects resulting from normal use

b) misuse of the product

c) improper storage

How to claim:

1) Tell us about the complaint by telephone, e-mail or in writing

2) goods sent by registered parcel (no COD) to our address

3) Describe the reason for complaint, your address

4) The evidence for the claimed goods in our shop

Your complaint will be filled as quickly as possible, within 30 days of its establishment, ie receipt of the goods of our company. In the case of longer claims such as laptops, we will inform about the state complaint.


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Laws and regulations:

- Act. No. 455/1991 Coll. Trades

- Act. No. 101/2000 Coll. Privacy

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