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Area wine region is, however, only 30,000 hectares of sparkling reputation is worldwide. Mark Champagne today
is a symbol of luxury and can not do without it, no major event. In this area we find some of the major cities of French history as Reims or Epernay. Area is called "soul with the heart of France."
The history of the region dates back to Roman colonization and the Romans were the first planted vines here. The region is a center of war since its beginning (the conquering Franks, Burgundians or Gothové). Could be hard with the city
Epernay was fired for his history of over twenty times.
From the 5th century Reims has been the crowning place of kings and the popularity of local wines began to rise. Support for local wines gained even from rulers - Louis XIV. ("Sun King") said about him - "Champagne is the only possible drink."
The development of the region has significantly supported the monk Dom Perignon (1638-175), which began to use the connection cork and wire basket, the method of second fermentation or mixing different types of wines, devised a vertical press and others.
Significant moments came for the wine growing region in the 20th century, when the number of riots and demonstrations against poor local vintners produce their colleagues. The conflict eventually address the troops. Followed by poor years (1st and 2nd World War, economic crisis). After these years, followed by the rise and a wave of popularity. Today the most famous Champagne wine region and its popularity is steadily rising (annually sells about 300 million bottles).

1.blending wine (wine from a variety of plots and years)
2.secondary alcoholic fermentation (added tirage liqueur - a mixture of wine, yeast and sugar. Bottling and wine crown cap closure, stored in a cellar where fermentation occurs 10-60 days)
3.Remulage (end of secondary fermentation and storage rack - pupitres, will be created setřásání sediment)
4.Maturing wine on the yeast (decomposition of yeast, which give the wine taste and bouquet)
5.Degorgement (removal of sediment from the bottle neck - turning upside down, throat frozen in a salt solution and remove the crown cap, sediment shoots out under pressure)
6.Dosage (addition of expedition liqueur bottles - a mixture of wine and a quantity of sugar, bottles for several months, lying in the cellars)


  • Pinot Noir - Wine of the resulting varieties have intense color, pleasant bouquet and delicious taste in the mouth, persistent and long persistence.
  • Pinot Meunier - gives less colored and fine wines, total wines with lower alcohol content. It matures relatively early and reliably (shorter growing seasons. Wines do not have such potential for archiving.
  • Chardonnay - the only white variety in Champagne, acidity gives the wine and foaming, a more intense flavor than in Burgundy. Overall, wine, soft and aromatic.

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