široký výběr přírodních vín


In 1st century before Christ there was the heart of Roman Gaul, fertile territory was eventually conquered by the Burgundians in the 5th century, after which the region now called. During the Middle Ages the duchy of Burgundy very extended, constructed the beautiful cathedrals and palaces, collecting priceless works of art, based monasteries and created a powerful legacy and sift the world famous wineries.
The most famous regions of Burgundy are undoubtedly the Cote d'Or, or Golden Gate. This is the greatest treasure of this region. Creates here the best red wines from the Pinot Noir in the world. Another era is a separate sub Chablis, which produces great wines from Chardonnay, mostly without the use of oak barrels. Equally well known is Beaujolais, which is made from Gamay variety. Other areas that produce white and red wine are Mâconnais and Mercurey.

Blue varieties

  • Pinot Noir (a variety that has a home in the Cote d'Or, the foundation for a magnificent red wines designed for long-term archiving - for older wines, there are tons of earth and Rural Justice and younger wines, full of red fruits - depending on the terroir and treatment method
  • Gamay (fruity wine with aromas and flavors of strawberries, raspberries cherries, the bright color of youth, aging increases the color
White varieties
  • Chardonnay (depending on the processing method can find the wine fresh, playful, sparkling with a refreshing aroma and taste of oak or affected - tons of butter, vanilla, toast, roast, exotic fruits)
  • Aligote (a small area, especially appellations Bouzeron, gives a fine wine, fresh and simple)


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