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Vallée de Rhone

Between the towns of Avignon and Vienne stretches of the river Rhone valley, which is produced wine for over 2000 years. The foundation stone of this ancient wine region laid the Celts, Greeks and Romans. According to one legend, in 1956 swept through the valley this winter mistral speed of 100km/ha temperature thermometer dropped to -15 ° C. All olive groves were damaged and the local farmers decided to grow a vine that this climate is the only survivor. The area is divided into Northern and Southern Rhone. Both are quite different from each other by different types of soil, microclimate and especially varieties.

In the northern parts are used only for red wine Syrah and Roussanne, and Marssanne Viogner for white wines. In the southern part of the Rhone into the cuvée widely used blue varieties Syrah, Grenache, Mourvčdre, Cinsault, Carignan for the production of red wines. White variant is made from grapes Grenache blanc, Bourboulenc, Clairette.
The climate in the northern part is influenced by a continental climate (warm summers and cold winters), most of the vines growing on the slopes of slate (the best position to granite sand as a base). In contrast, Southern Rhône is more influenced by the Mediterranean, where hot, dry summers and rainy winters. Soils are dominated by limestone, clay with alluvial.

Blue varieties
  • Syrah (dark color, and the typical spicy pepper aroma and flavor, higher content taninnu)
  • Grenache (wines are full bodied, fruity, fleshy, with a higher alcohol content, this variety is often blended with other varieties)
  • Mourvčdre (another variety used to cuvée, softens the character of Syrah, wines are fuller and have the aroma of forest fruits
White varieties
  • Rousanne (sometimes intense floral fruity aroma reminds pears and nuts) 
  • Marsanne (produces highly colored wines that are rich and nutty, with hints of spice and pear)
  • Viognier (floral and fruity aroma, golden color and decorated with juicy taste wines from this variety)
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