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Languedoc Roussillon

In the region of Languedoc Roussillon is grown grapevines over 2000 years. During that time passed through the large number of settlers who had great influence on the vine. The area is situated in the south of France from the Rhone River delta to the border with Spain (Pyrenees Mountains border).

On the one hand, this wine professionals disparagement for the huge overproduction of wine (hardly believable annually produces 2 billion bottles), which is sold at relatively low prices in an effort to reach customers. But the second page shows the friendly face of this region. Local winemakers are very innovative and not afraid to introduce new styles and techniques. They try a combination of classic and new directions in production and subsequent processing of the vine. It should be noted that many of this "new style" very successful!

Roussilon Languedoc is home to the Vin de Pays. Specifically, a very famous Vin de Pays d'Oc (this designation is the most recent change in French Appellate System, founded in 1987). There were also mainly produce so-called Vin doux naturel - naturally sweet wines. The climate is typically Mediterranean with dry and very warm summers, autumn is warm and the winters are sunny. Overall, there is a climate with minimal rainfall.

Blue varieties

  • Carignan (small revenues are used for strong and deeply colored wines that are full of tannin, used in the cuvée with Grenache, Mourvčdre, Cinsault and Syrah)
  • Grenache (the cuvée - see above, gives aromatic and complex wine, is used for the production of naturally sweet wines - Maury, Banyuls)
  • Cinsault (low yield makes aromatic, fresh and easily drinkable wine used in mixtures, but also for the production of rosé)
  • Syrah (provides a powerful wine with good alcohol content, suitable for maturing wines have an intense color with a distinctive flavor, they are filled with decent acid, also suitable for rosé)
  • Mourvčdre (strong wine produces higher quality, and are full bodied with intense color and are rich in tannins, ideal for aging in wooden barrels)

White varieties

  • Clairette (gives quite alcoholic and aromatic wine with low acidity, it is used for the production of sparkling wines)
  • Piquepoul (simple dry white wine with a delicate aroma, light and pleasant)
  • Muscat á petits grains (aromatic variety that is used for the preparation of naturally sweet wines)
  • Chardonnay (preparation of dry, sparkling, as well as sweet wines - are maturing well and has a higher sugar content with perfect acidity, this wine has a distinctive flavor)

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