široký výběr přírodních vín


Savoie Wine Region is scattered over wide areas and does not compact vines. The way the local vineyards is mountains, hills and mountain lakes. The region lies in the French Alps, and therefore the backbone of the local economy is tourism, and tourism. Savoy Vineyard produces specific islands from south to north.

Wine is grown in 4 deparmentech (Haute Savoie, Ain, Isere and Savoie). The repertoire is rich with local varieties, and we find several varieties which are cultivated only in Savoy. Local vineyards are often located in less accessible conditions and high altitudes, which complicate harvest and therefore are used only manual harvesting (the relief effect of microclimate and terroir - in effect creates a wide variety and diversity of Savoy wines).

Most local winemakers manages his vineyards biodynamic (without the use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, artificial yeast, yeast artificial laboratory, practice green harvesting, etc.) - hence the maximum respect for nature and the local terroir! In this way created a very original and authentic wines that are characterized by mountain floral aromas (along with minerality - depending on soil type), příjmnou refreshing acidity and lightness, which is typical of Savoy wines.

Blue varieties
  • Gamay - grows to more than 15% of the total area gives the wine purple to violet color, which are intended to faster consumption of wine aroma is fruity and fresh, fun. The wines are lighter but delicate, suitable for gastronomy
  • Mondeuse - wines from this variety are a deep color, suitable for archiving, pepper aroma of violets, blackberries and cherries in his youth. It has a high tannin content.
  • Pinot Noir - minimal production. only 2% of the total area, is added to the mixture, where it promotes the freshness, fruitiness (fine aroma of raspberries and flowers, and architecture. With good structure and depth and allows archiving.
White varieties
  • Jacquére - Advanced Over 50% of the total area of ​​vineyards (good use for sparkling wine). A fresh wine with mineral flavors and a very light floral aroma. Does dry white wine, fun drink for which the predominant flavor and apple acidity. Designed for faster consumption.
  • Altesse - dry and full of spicy wines that are complex and elegant. The wines have a delicate nutty flavor accompanied by a sweet honey and almonds. The aroma is pleasantly flowery - violets.
  • Chasselas - a dry, light wine, with citrus and mineral aromas are designed for quick consumption, production of ordinary table wines, but also the quality of dry white with fine sparkling
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