široký výběr přírodních vín

About us

At the beginning there was a personal experience with French wines and later contact with several smaller wine growers from France. Currently, their products we offer to you. Our basic motto is "Quality at a reasonable price."

Our company aims to present the customer with quality French wines from small French wine growers at very affordable prices. Nowadays, when the customer is surrounded by huge quantities of domestic and foreign wines, it is very difficult to come across a quality product at a reasonable price. So you try to briefly and factually introduce both our product range as well as other wine regions of France. The wines themselves are their service and sufficient information about the product that we offer and are therefore available to our sommelier service.

And why France? Winemakers in this country have long recognized that the wine must be produced primarily on the basis of quality rather than quantity. Winemakers in this country relies on their typical speech, using their methods, their land and do not need to copy other styles. In short, the benefits of what they have and not look to other
In addition, first gave the world an appeals system that is currently successfully take over more and more countries around the world.


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