široký výběr přírodních vín

Vine from Nature


It is a direction of ecological viticulture which is in its approach and principles more strict than the classical bio way. This direction is based on a series of agricultural seminars by the Austrian professor and philosopher Rudolf Steiner ( founder of Walfdorf school ). The aim is to strengthen the soil and vine plants – enhancing soil fertility, biodiversity, defense capacity and create a wine that does not obscure its origin and expresses its personality and uniqueness.   

The overall strengthening is related to the use of different preparates and creation dilutions based on  natural ingredients. The most commonly used are copper-based dilutions or preparates from plants such as nettle, dandelion, valerian and yarrow. These preparates are used both in the vineyard as well as outside ( the strengthening is related also to the creating of its own manure). This direction also strictly refuses any use of chemicals ( except  small quantities of sulfur ) in the vineyard and cellar. Overall, of course, this is more demanding on physical work and prohibits the use of mechanization – which is hard but on the other side „forces“ wine producers to know the vineyard better  and knowledge of the environment which produces the grapes.
In a global aspect, biodynamie may represent a way of life and direction in which some farmers ( not just winemakers ) have decided to go. It offers a direction in which they wish to achieve harmony between the grower, environment, agriculture, animals and the universe – directed by the energy of universe and various phases of the moon, this plays an important role in the cultivation of the vine by biodynamic farmers.

In today’s materialistic and united time, this direction is often frowned upon and ridiculed, but the results of wines made in this way can clearly and repeatedly beat in the blind tasting their „famous brothers“ made in the conventional method.

The current guru of biodynamie is adressed to  Nicolas Joly  who founded an organisation that brings biodynamic wine producers – Rennaisance des Appelations. Nicolas Joly travels across the world promoting the biodynamie through a series of seminars and tastings. Furthermore he also contributes literally: He has written 2 books about biodynamie - Le Vin du ciel ŕ la terr and  Le Vin, la Vigne et la Biodynamie.

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